Top 3 Anime Waifus 1

Top 3 Anime Waifus

1. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia is a Magician from the guild, Fairy Tail.
Her magic is known as soul magic that enables her to summon spirits. She owns celestial keys, which can be an outstanding amount for a mage that is celestial.

Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia

She is excellent, and I believe that the number 1 place belongs to Senko-san, Senko can do anything except play with video games, and she can become a wife and your mom.
I WoWanto give a little something for those who understand what I believe to her.
Alternatives these with concur I
The best woman in history

2. Hinata Hyuga

The kohai I am aware of that got her guy.
While I never believed that Naruto cried her, or their”chemistry” had some advancement, she is beautiful, faithful, courageous, and was able to out-shine Sakura, who is supposed to be the primary heroine of this”Naruto” franchise.

Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga

Because he believed he had been the first to watch him worthy naruto spent his entire life pursuing. However, he was not Hinata.
Contrary to Sakura, whose whole motivation is that she likes a boy, Hinata instead loves a boy, since he pushes her.
She is sweet, powerful, shy, lovely, and prepared to lay her life down. No one using a Hinata would regret his choice.
Hinata is your best, as she’s a kawaii, talented, skilled, faithful, courageous, bashful, best woman, and non-judgemental.
She’s such a shy and timid girl at first, and then you understand that she’s an individual that is robust and reliable. You need from the side.

3. Android 18

Android 18
Android 18

Hell yah that robot pus
I Bet Her Vagine Is A Vibrator
She is extra

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