Top 10 Best Songs About Tequila In 2022

“Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers

Until this person realizes that no one likes him, a lot more tequila will have to be consumed. He’s left to pick up the pieces after his fiancée cheated on him and disgraced him in front of their friends and family. When he walks into a nightclub, he’s nervous and simply wants to drink tequila with his pals to unwind and forget about his worries about what others think of him.

“Mamacita” by Collie Buddz

An gorgeous seorita sways her hips to the beat of reggae and calypso music while the singer pounds shots of tequila in this 2007 reggae tune. As he drinks and she smokes, they dance and flirt all night.

He’s an American/Bermudian reggae performer called Collie Buddz.

“Tequila” by Dan + Shay

The narrator no longer needs to deal with his ex, and for the most part, he’s moved on with his life. In this 2018 country crossover song, the man’s regrets and memories rush back after one sip of tequila.

Old friends and new partners alike are revealed to have unresolved issues when tequila is involved. Heartfelt feelings are a kind of truth serum for the heart.

However, the first time I take a sip of tequila,

I still see you, baby.

Sorority T-shirt cutting up the floor

It was the same one you were wearing while we were high in Colorado, your lips glued to the bottle of whiskey you had in your hands.

I’d never abandon you, I swear to God, on my Bible, darling.

When I drink tequila, I recall how much I miss you.

“Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles

The song’s title, which is a play on words, was released in 1973. Both “tequila sunrise” and “tequila sunset” are referenced in this song.

Around the time, it was also widely consumed.

It is the fact that the protagonist of the song has been drinking tequila all night long.

The narrator is a hired hand who has fallen head over heels in love with a woman who is out having a good time with other guys. Tequila is his “liquid bravery,” but he can’t come up with the right words to face her.

“I Think I’ll Disappear Now” by Crash Test Dummies

After a breakup, you’ll appreciate this 1993 rock song if you’ve tried to avoid your ex-partner. Surprised by an old partner, the narrator’s astonishment is “overpowering, nasty,” and “out of context”—like a “sniff of tequila in the morning,” says the author.

He’s aware that their time together was fleeting and that it’s been a long time. The narrator is not only embarrassed by their encounter, but he also unfairly blames her for her lack of communication with him. As a result, she presumably likens the sensation to the morning ritual of sniffing tequila.

The heart of the blue agave plant is used to produce tequila, a distilled alcoholic beverage.

“Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo” by Tracy Byrd

It’s a fun country song from 2002 that’s full of savagery and swagger. In this story, the cowboy tries to bury the memory of his ex-girlfriend in enough tequila that he could swim in it.

A couple of rounds of Jose Cuervo had the dreadful bar band singing and playing like a pro. Despite claiming to have two left feet, the narrator soon began teaching others how to dance. All the rounds he needed were purchased by him. By the end of the night, he not only forgot about his ex but also nearly lost his own identity. By round 10, he started all over again. Say it with me: tequila!

Tequila, YoungBloodZ

This is a rap song that I can identify with! To be more specific, “a mexican lover” is used as a metaphor for tequila’s female counterpart. The opening scene, in which a dialogue takes place at a pub, is one of my favorites.

“Hey sweetie, what’s going on?” Do you have a nickname for me, sweetheart? Tequila? Yes, you’re known as Cuervo among your peers. Do you mind if I call you “baby”? in fact” Yesssss! I love how smooth everything is.

Best Tequila Lyrics: “But I adore this girl Tequila one shot of her love, it’s done she steals all my money and all I want to do is cuddle her….

My Mexican lover’s favorite tequila

Jesus and Tequila, Minutemen

Only Jesus and tequila can be trusted, according to this song. Your boss and female coworkers are fickle and can go at any time. Tequila, on the other hand, will always be there for you. That’s all God’s doing!

My life is Jesus and Tequila — that’s how I live it.” I’m happy, and I’m not going to hide it.”

Tequila Time, Kansas City Bear Fighters

Listen to this song every now and then as a reminder that tequila, and life, are intended to be enjoyable experiences. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time, reflecting on how life is too serious to be taken seriously.

“It’s almost tequila time. No salt, no lime.” – best tesoro lyrics ever written. In Mexico, it’s a hug. That put a big grin on my face. If you like, we can have a drink now. If you don’t want to go, I’ll still go since I enjoy getting drunk and having a good time. Time for a tequila break!

“Fix a Drink” by Chris Janson

You may be depressed because of a broken heart, a malfunctioning cell phone, current events in other countries, or the weather. Everyone has their share of difficulties. You’re in luck, since the guy in this 2017 country ditty has just offered to serve as your bartender. Is he willing to supply you with some kind of alcohol, such as Cuervo or anything like, in order to make you feel better about yourself for a little while and help you forget about what’s bothering you?

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