Top 10 Songs About Sisters In 2022

 “Don’t Talk About Him, Tina” by The Pistol Annies

Whenever you are having a bad day because of someone who has hurt your heart, you can always count on your closest friends in “Don’t Talk About Him, Tina.”

“Sister Oh Sister” by Rosanne Cash

Taking your sister to a club or stealing a car at the age of 12 is probably not an option without a lot of consequences. Whatever the shenanigans were, it was good to have a strong and supporting sister by your side when you were writing those life stories

“Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfield

For example, she sings, “I’d like to be like most females since they’re clever and powerful and gorgeous,” among other things. “Most females” is a term that has a stigma attached to it, and the song owns it.

“Exhale” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is a natural when it comes to delivering wise words of wisdom in this song. The lyrics of the song are as follows: “In life, there are moments when you’ll laugh and times when you’ll grieve. When you’re surrounded by loved ones who want the best for you, you’ll reach a moment when you can finally breathe out.”

 “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger

‘Sister Christian’ is sung from the point of view of an older brother who is witnessing his younger sister grow up too fast. Kelly Keagy, a singer, is attempting to help his younger sister from making the wrong decisions at the wrong time.

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper speaks about the joy that only a sister can provide in this song, therefore it’s one of our favorites. This song reflects the desire of younger sisters to be like their big siblings and have fun. Their younger sisters’ amusing antics are also included as an adorable added feature in their song about desiring a bigger wardrobe, which they sing about even more.

This song is ideal for sisters who just want to have a good time!

“Dear Sister” by The Pretty Reckless

A little more dramatic, yet it still falls under the category of sisterhood in this song. Life may be difficult and hectic, and we’re left to guess what’s going to happen next in the song, which is what this work is about. Even if he’s not suicidal, it’s not hard to conclude from his lyrics that suicide ideas are running rampant in his mind.

 “My Sister Rose” by 10,000 Maniacs

That every sibling has a bit of you and them inside them is why this is our favorite song to dedicate to your sisters. Although you may never see or speak to your sister again, they will always be there for you in some manner, according to the lyrics.

Because of this song, it’s as though we’ll never be able to split from our sisters.

“You’re Still You” by Josh Groban

This song is about how even when things become wild, there’s always someone who recognizes you for who you really are. The words imply that they will always be there for you and that they know all about you! Although others have abandoned you, your sisters will be there for you, and we can deduce this from the song’s lyrics.

“Sisters of the Moon” by Fleetwood Mac

This song is about how, despite appearances, sisters can get along despite their differences. No matter what happens, they’ll always have each other’s backs. Although siblings may not see eye-to-eye, there is a powerful bond between them that you can’t ignore, according to the lyrics! In spite of our disagreements and fights, we are always there for each other and will lift each other up whenever we need it.

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