Top 9 Songs About Sharks In 2022

Panic! At The Disco – “Victorious”

To catch a shark, throw bait into the water, and turn it red.

Brendon Urie’s spectacular career is celebrated in a variety of ways in “Victorious,” which shows flashing glimpses of his lavish lifestyle. One of Panicmany !’s decadent moments Sharks are shown as dangerous rewards in the At The Disco song, with Urie describing the shark’s seductive confidence in following his wants and “ripping the water crimson” as a sign of success.

Adept – “Shark! Shark! Shark!”

“In the dead of night, sharks will eat on your souls.”

Adept took advantage of the period of delightfully weird song titles in this ripping metalcore tune to devote their fascination with sharks. It’s no surprise that “Shark! Shark! Shark!” is full of catchy guitar riffs, massive breakdowns, and numerous shark allusions that perfectly depict the intensity of their music.

Watsky – “Pink Lemonade”

A mako shark, not your great white, is the most likely candidate for my identity as a shark.

Watsky’s critique of contemporary media and materialism, “Pink Lemonade,” delves into the hypocrisy and ignorance that afflict our culture. When it comes to today’s social and political challenges, he’s got a unique perspective. To keep things light and humorous, he likens himself to the mako shark—a relative of the great white—in one of his metaphors.

Machine Gun Kelly – “Till I Die”

You can find Lee up at Shark’s eating hot sauce “like I’m street leaguing, And1 though,” says the narrator.

Manufactured Weapon His hometown of Cleveland, Ohio (the home of AP) is represented in “Till I Die.” MGK pays homage to a seafood restaurant on Lee Road, Shark’s Seafood & Deli, as well as to the city and its well-known musicians in this thumping rap song. This song’s follow-up, “Till I Die: Part II,” is equally as raucous and well worth checking out.

Ice Nine Kills – “Rocking The Boat” (feat. Jeremy Schwartz)

As a result of the presence of sharks like you, we will require a larger vessel.”

Spencer Charnas screams “shark” at the top of his lungs right away, making it plain that they’re paying tribute to the classic movie Jaws. Rocking the Boat” from Ice Nine Kills’ horror-themed album The Silver Scream is heavy and dramatic, just like the film’s eerie mood.

Fall Out Boy – “Irresistible”

It’s been said that there are too many sharks and not enough blood in the seas.

Fall Out Boy’s lyrics, which have always been appreciated despite the band’s stylistic shifts, remain its strongest asset. The shark reference in “Irresistible” is a famous example of a Fall Out Boy metaphor that can be applied to a variety of real-life circumstances, among other memorable one-liners and Pete Wentz’s literary genius.

Dance Gavin Dance – “Petting Zoo Justice”

A young calf was eaten by shark dad.

A reference to “Shark Dad” from Instant Gratification, “Petting Zoo Justice” goes more crazier and crazier than ever in Dance Gavin Dance One of Mothership’s heavier tracks features unclean vocalist Jon Mess, who transports listeners to Mess’ bizarre world of hokum, which some may even call modern poetry.

Bring Me The Horizon – “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake”

If they’re not eaten, then “feed them to the sharks/throw them in with the wild animals.”

Some of the metalcore lyrics would be a slaughter of violent beasts feeding on our defenseless emotions if they came to life. With “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake” and Oli Sykes’ passionate delivery of this rousing lyric, Bring Me The Horizon stands out among the many bands that have succumbed to this lyrical tendency in the past.

Highly Suspect – “Lydia”

“I am the ravenous shark, swift and merciless/But the one female that could talk to him merely couldn’t swim.” he said.

“Lydia” from Highly Suspect portrays a fight between love, drug misuse, and all the complexities that arise in the midst of this. Using a shark-inspired metaphor to describe a drug addict’s inability to keep up with love, this song sums up the song’s major theme perfectly.

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