Top 10 Songs About Friendship In 2022

“Thank You For Being a Friend,” Andrew Gold

Brock Walsh was the inspiration for this song, which Gold penned in 1978. Cynthia Fee’s rendition, on the other hand, is the one most people associate with the show’s theme song. With your own Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, wear it while chowing down on cheesecake at midnight.

“Heroes,” David Bowie

In spite of the song’s origins in David Bowie’s producer kissing his lover against the Berlin Wall, “Heroes” is a thoroughly victorious addition to any playlist for best friends. Not to mention that one moment from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” comes to mind as you read this).

“Best Friend,” Saweetie (feat. Doja Cat)

Just seeing Saweetie and Doja Cat read each other’s minds as a man explains objectification to them in the music video is enough to put this song on any bestie playlist. That line: “Bitch, please. That type of crude virtue-signaling is nothing but a less outwardly malicious kind of toxic masculinity.” is just brilliant.

“Oo-De-Lally,” Roger Miller

As far as Disney and Pixar best friend songs go, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” came out on top. However, I think Robin Hood and Little John deserve more credit than they now receive.. “King of the Road” is a must-have on every road trip playlist, but if it isn’t, then you don’t even have one.”es.

“Fellowship” by serpentwithfeet

The phrase “I’m glad for the love I share with my friends” sums it up well. “The canon of Baltimore tales,” “The foolish expression you make when I say ‘hello,'” and other touching personal recollections are interspersed throughout this song, making you think of your own best friends.

“The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy

When you and your pals have all moved away to other locations, you may truly enjoy this song when you come back to your hometown for Thanksgiving or something and relive your old antics. Sigh.

‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen

When it comes to a song about friendship, there is no greater pairing than Brian May’s blazing lead guitar and Freddie Mercury’s high-pitched soaring vocals. It’s a famous soundtrack for montage videos that chronicle your closest friend’s antics.

‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

‘It’s been a long day without you, dear friend/And I’ll tell you everything about it when I see you again,’ Puth sings with a melancholy piano accompaniment. And Wiz Khalifa’s heartfelt rhymes at the end of Furious 7 were commissioned to remember the late Paul Walker. Hence, this isn’t just an upbeat ditty about making friends. It’s all about the people in your life.

‘Girl’ by Destiny’s Child

Not only a song about how friends can lift your spirits. No girl will be left behind when she needs a sympathetic ear or a kind word. You are my girl, I am your girl, and we are all your girls. ‘Don’t you realize how much we care about you?” No matter how lonely you feel, Beyoncé is always there for you.

‘Best Friend’ by Pharrell Williams

It was his buddies who helped him get to where he is now, as he tells in this memoir, despite the fact that the sometimes-Neptune member went solo with 2006’sIn My Mind. With his childhood best buddy at the helm, he launched his music career and has been surrounded by pals ever since. I can see why he’s in such good spirits.

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