Top 10 Songs About Friday In 2022

Friday (Rebecca Black)

At the same time, this song by Rebecca Black was both adored and derided. However, the timing of its release on Black Friday allowed it to capitalize on the accusations of plagiarism. Friday is the only word that appears in the chorus of this song, which was published in 2011.

Hymn for the weekend (Coldplay)

This is another another Coldplay song with simple lyrics that leave you feeling euphoric. This may not be a precise reference to Friday, but the fact that you’re intoxicated and delirious at the beginning of the weekend tells it everything. A Sky Full of Stars was the album’s title, released in 2015.

‘Bright Lights Bigger City’ – Cee Lo Green

As a result, “It’s that familiar feeling / that Friday is known for.”

Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” bassline was the inspiration for this song about living for the weekends. Cee Lo is seen riding in the back of a vehicle in the footage.

‘Friday Night, Saturday Morning’ – The Specials

As they dance and have fun around their leather handbags, the hen party has rescued the night and escaped themselves from the clutches of intoxicated stags.

Terry Hall isn’t interested in gilding the lily when it comes to his weekend. The style of life he’s in is getting to him, but he hasn’t found anything better. So he spends the rest of the night in a taxi line, utterly dejected!

It’s still remarkably pleasant because of the excellent music!

‘Friday Night’ by Eric Paslay

Several of Nashville’s hottest songs have been penned by successful composer Eric Paslay in the previous several years. Despite this, his record “Friday Night” is the one that fans can’t get enough of. Paslay, Rose Falcon, and Rob Crosby co-wrote this song. When he was a kid in Texas, one of the singer’s favorite Friday night hobbies was hitting the dancehalls. It was in 2014 that he released the Friday Night music video, which includes footage of the video-making process.

‘Livin’ it up Friday night’ by Bell and James

In this song, the soul, the pop and the funk all come together in one song. Also in the 1978 party song, Bell and James celebrate Friday the best way they know how: by having a wild time on Friday night.

‘Friday I’ll be over you’ by Allison Iraheta

Getting through the week and Fridays can both be emotionally taxing, and Allison Iraheta’s song may do the same for you. She is an American artist located in Los Angeles, California. This rock song was released as the lead single from the album of the same name in 2009. Pop Justice’s song of the day in 2009 was “Friday I’ll Be Over You.”

‘Cheap Thrills’ – Sia ft. Sean Paul

“It’s Friday night, and I need to have my hair and make-up done before I go out.”

This is the song to bring to a night out on the town. Going out is a great way to build excitement for the occasion. The song gets a reggaeton-infused dancehall rework by Sean Paul.

‘Friday Is Forever’ – We The Kings

That means that we should all be together tonight since Fridays last forever.

The British boy band ‘We The Kings’ has released a new song called “Live in the Moment.” On Friday night, the narrator met a girl and wondered if the feelings he had for her would stay. In order to know for sure if Friday is eternal, he explains, “it takes a week.”

‘Dancing Queen’ – ABBA

It’s late on a Friday night, and I’m looking for somewhere to go.

“Friday Night and the Lights Are Low” is not precisely a song about Friday, but it is one of the most renowned disco tunes of all time and begins with the lyric “Friday night and the lights are low.”

If karaoke is your thing, this is one of the finest songs to sing along to.

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