Top 10 Songs About Food In 2022

“Cherry Pie” by Warrant

If you look back at the history of hair metal, you can’t help but think about this song, which was published just as the genre was on its deathbed.

“Cherry Pie” has no hidden meanings. Simply put, it’s a song about having a crush on a woman.

To make the best cherry pie possible, try this recipe from Bon Appetite magazine.

“Red Red Wine” by UB40

UB40’s “Red Red Wine” is perhaps the more famous and well-known rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Red Red Wine.” The original acoustic ballad arrangement has been replaced by UB40’s reggae remix, even by Diamond himself.

Unless he’s drinking red wine, the song’s lyrics depict a heartbroken guy who can’t forget his first love, a lady he can’t forget either. For a song having a color in the title, this one is a wonderful example.

“Black Coffee” by Humble Pie

Is this song just a love song to the humble cup of coffee? There’s always the possibility.

There are probably a lot of people who would say that coffee saved their lives. It’s a must for some of us simply to get through the morning.

However, it appears like “Black Coffee” is making a message about racism and diversity in some way. Lyrics like “skin” and “slave” are hard to miss when you’re listening to the song.

In any case, this blues-rock anthem is top-notch.

“Cola” by Lana Del Rey

In an attempt to be creative, this song comes off as deceptive and cringeworthy.

Lana Del Rey’s Scottish lover Barrie-James O’Neill, who thought American females were exotic and patriotic, served as an influence for the song’s lyrics.

It’s impossible not to snort incessantly when reading the lyrics in isolation.

There’s a recipe for homemade cola here if you’d want to produce your own delicious, all-natural cola.

Songs About Food & Drink, Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane in the world of food and drink. Certainly, I had a great time there!

Are there any tunes that we’ve forgotten? Is there anything more you would have liked to see here? What recipes were your favorites?

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“Sugar”—Maroon 5

Wedding crashers are the focus of this 2014 funk-pop disco rhythm song from the UK. For at least 20 weeks, it was in the top 10 of the Hot 100. At least two actual weddings were rocked by Maroon 5. Sweetness is defined by sugar. It’s one of the finest songs about food, depicting a suitor pleading with his girlfriend not to leave him because he’s heartbroken without her, making it excellent for weddings.

“Stir Fry” – Migos

To the rappers of 2018, money, women, and friends are all combined in this 2018 rap song’s metaphorical “stir fry,” which they compare to the best things in life.

“Bacon” – Nick Jonas and Ty Dolla Sign

This year’s release is all about bacon and sweets. The song implies that the bacon referred to throughout the song is part of the human anatomy.

“Bread And Water” – Vince Gill

An impoverished man goes through hell and finally finds salvation in this song from 2011. Vince wrote the song as an homage to his brother, who was in a coma for months following a horrific vehicle accident. Bread and water show that a basic existence may be lived on these two items alone. In fact, this is a very moving song about a family.


One of the most mouthwatering lines is, “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.”

For the most part, this song isn’t about biscuits at all, but rather about being a good neighbor and not being judgmental of your neighbors’ choices. A wonderful diversion is still provided by the mere suggestion of biscuits and gravy!!

The narrator of this song is expressing the rage of having to take on a second job working at a fast-food drive-thru in order to support his ex-wife and her new partner, and “Delicious” might be a bit of a stretch to describe that. Aside from singing, he imagines other food-related methods to get back against the guy who took his life, including “I hope you both choke on a pickle.”

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