Top 10 Songs About Fire In 2020

Fireball – Pitbull feat. John Ryan

Our goal is to boogie woogie woogie, jiggle, wriggle, and dance our asses off like the ceiling has caught fire. Even if the words aren’t quite Shakespeare, this song has a definite shaky-booty vibe. When everyone’s buzzed from the booze, the music sounds like something out of a beach cabana, and you’ll want to raise a glass to it with a fireball shot.

Setting Fires – The Chainsmokers feat. Xylo

These guys aren’t shy about using fire imagery, and “Setting Fires” takes it a notch higher than most of their previous work. Lyrics include: Down to my last match fire I touch only to feel, Why does burning hurt so much more than healing? The song is melancholy and self-reflective, as you might expect, but it also features their trademark electronic sound, complete with loads of synthesizers and drops. Additionally, there’s a female vocalist to bring some levity to the proceedings. An excellent all-around piece of music with metaphorical language as well!

Fire – BTS

With songs like “Fire,” BTS has established themselves as one of the world’s most popular acts. Chorus: Fiiiiire, oh-eh-oh, oh-eh-oh. High-energy dancing goes along with it. I guarantee you’ll be pumped up by this music.

We Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel

This song may be familiar to anybody who has watched an episode of The Office. As a classic, you’ll undoubtedly hear it in advertisements, political parodies, and other forms of entertainment. Defiant rock song by Billy Joel criticizing older generations for damaging the earth and then passing the blame to younger people. Millennials and Generation Zers will find it particularly relevant.

Heart’s On Fire – Passenger

a sweetheart of the underground In 2014, Passenger released this ethereal and ethereal tune. If you’re in the mood for some lovely white-dressed females going barefoot through the woods, this song is for you. It has a distinct “alternative” flavor to it, with its softly strumming guitar and atmospheric visual. All that burned and destroyed damage doesn’t have to be the end consequence of a fire. On a chilly night, it’s comforting to have a fire going.

World On Fire – Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan laments on the status of the world today in “World on Fire,” a melancholy ballad featuring a barefoot and vulnerable Sarah McLachlan. Despite the gloom and doom she paints, she also reminds her audience that they aren’t alone and that they can make a constructive impact on the world. In the face of a blazing world, I’ll dip into the water and do my best to bring back some of the embers.

On Fire – Switchfoot

Switchfoot is a Christian band, which isn’t widely known, but songs like “On Fire” make it quite clear that they are. Those who are close to God are described as having a fire in their souls that radiates outward. Even if you’re not religious, you’ll enjoy this song since it’s nice and has a good hook. In the presence of Him/When He talks to you, you’re on fire.

I See Fire – Ed Sheeran

It was written for the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which explains the dragon-fighting lyrics of “I See Fire,” which is another song produced for a film There is no right or wrong way to interpret this passage. No matter how you slice it, the message is quite obvious, and the song is infectious. When Ed Sheeran creates a song, you can count on it to be stuck in your mind for the rest of the day.

Burning Bright (Field on Fire) – Nine Inch Nails

If you want extreme metal music with epic riffs and dissonant vocals, go no further than Nine Inch Nails. Their song “Burning Bright” is no exception. However, the song’s lyrics are surprisingly upbeat. There is a lot of talk about letting go and “breathing deeply.” Is this a song about being purified by the fires of hell?

Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

The granddaddy of all fire songs, “Ring of Fire,” is a must-have for this list. Everything about this classic country song, from the blazing lyrics to Johnny Cash’s distinctive southern drawl, makes it a classic. Nothing can ever compare to the original recording, which has been re-recorded many times.

Just a selection of the finest fire-themed songs ever written. Listen to these tracks if you’re trying to burn your unfaithful ex or rage against the fires of corruption and capitalism!

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