Top 10+ Songs About Fighting Make You Surprised Update 2022

Fighting is frequently associated with violence, arguing, and the like.

However, there are times when battling for justice, equality, freedom and social change is a good thing.

Songs about fighting that cover all of the following are included here. Their relevance hasn’t waned with time, either.

1. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor

Rocker “Eye of the Tiger” was the most popular song of 1982 and one of the most overplayed songs of the ’80s.

Cheesy? Yes, without a doubt. During the 1980s, soft rock and Bon Jovi-inspired hairstyles were all the rage, so remember that. A timeless classic nonetheless, with a killer Van Halen-esque guitar riff.

Sylvester Stallone requested the song for Rocky III and it was written just for the film. Even more interestingly, Stallone had hoped to use the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust” but was denied permission.

2. ‘Street Fighting Man’ by The Rolling Stones

In 1968, Mick Jagger attended a protest in Grosvenor Square, London, against the Vietnam War, which inspired the Stones’ most political song.

It was explicitly stated in the lyrics that fans were encouraged to go to the streets.

It’s time to fight in the street now that summer has arrived, so “everywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy”

A Philips tape recorder microphone was used by Keith Richards to capture the characteristic, crisp guitar tone of his Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar.

3. ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy

The most well-known song of Public Enemy, an American hip hop group, is titled ‘Fight the Power.’ It was released in 1989. “Fight the powers that be” and “racial injustice” are themes in this political song.

The Isley Brothers’ song of the same name was the inspiration for this song (from 1975). “The question was, could we craft something wholly new that communicated the same idea in another genre?” Chuck D stated in a Rolling Stone interview.

4. ‘Love is a Battlefield’ by Pat Benatar

‘Love is a Battlefield,’ a 1980s pop classic with a pounding bassline and the era’s archetypal drum machine, came in at number 30 on VH1’s selection of the 100 greatest songs of the 1980s.

Movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and others from the 1980s dealt with the issue of growing up and abandoning over-protective, burdensome parents. “We are young / Heartache to heartache we stand,” reads the first line of “Love is a Battlefield.”

Young Pat Benatar is seen running away from her bucolic, picket-fenced suburban home (but a dominating father) to pursue a new beginning in the music video for the song.

5. ‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit

‘Break Stuff’, a song in the ‘nu metal’ genre, is pure rage!

This is one of those days that Fred Durst wishes he could simply “rip someone’s head off” and “you don’t want to wake up.”

His answer? To ruin things.

6. “Warrior” by Demi Lovato

This 2013 pop song’s female protagonist will pay a heavy price if she sees her ex again. It looks like this bad mother is getting ready to go toe-to-toe. When she’s angry, she lashes out with insults like a sniper.

She was scarred, broken, and bewildered by her ex, but now she has a thicker skin, steel armor, and a stronger spirit than ever before. Somehow, I have the feeling that she would not rest until she has avenged herself.

7. “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin

This metal song from 2009 features a stoic warrior who isn’t about to give up. He’s the last one standing, so stay out of his path.

The world will no longer be open to me because I refuse to bend or break.

I’ll never let you downI’ll never fadeI’ll make you swoon.

8. “Take It Outside” by Brantley Gilbert

This 2010 country song harkens back to a time when men would get into fights over petty things like who had the better chewing tobacco. When one of them yelled “uncle,” they’d go toe-to-toe until the other one agreed. It’s safe to say that if you knuckled down and shed some blood outside, there would be an audience and an obvious winner. Nobody would interrupt a good old-fashioned a**-kicking in the ancient days.

9. “Battlefield” by Lea Michele

When you’re in love, it’s simple to fall in love, but when you’re in love, it’s hard to get out of it. The narrator and her partner had a nice concept that developed into a long period of conflict. In this 2014 pop song, the female protagonist attempts to avert a bloodbath by slicing her hair short.

10. “Give It Away” by George Strait

A tragic country song from 2006 depicts a couple having an argument that ends their marriage. In a fit of rage, the wife breaks into their home and tells her husband she is leaving and that she would give up her diamond ring, their furnishings, and her half of everything in the divorce settlement. There is nothing to dispute about in this house, she informs him, because she is too worn out to do so. The price of having to be right all the time is loneliness.

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