Top 10 Best Songs About Dogs In 2022

Hound Dog—Big Mama Thornton

When it comes to Elvis, you may expect to find his version of Hound Dog on our list. However, Big Mama Thornton, who recorded the song in 1952, provides a blistering blues rendition instead.

Procol Harum: Salty Dog

It turns out that the “salty dog” is actually the skipper of a beautiful sailing ship. Gary Brooker’s dramatic vocal performance on the maritime epic by Procol Harum remains one of prog rock’s crowning achievements. Even though it was a commercial failure as a single in 1969, it has since become a cult favorite.

Aerosmith: The Reason A Dog

Even if you don’t know an Aerosmith fan, they’ll tell you that one of their most underrated albums is Done With Mirrors (the band’s first album after they cleaned up but before all the return smashes). One of the causes is Tom Hamilton’s raucous rhythm on the bass. In the title, there is some sound advice: It’s because he wags his tail rather than his tongue that a dog makes so many friends.

Rufus Thomas: The Dog

One of Stax’s best shouters, Rufus Thomas could turn anything into a dynamite dance record. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to learn how to do “The Dog.” “Do the hound dog, the bull dog, any sort of dog!” His following four singles, all titled “Walking the Dog,” were all about dogs.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens: I Love My Dog

Written by a Cat, this is the best song about dogs ever. Master songwriter’s first UK smash and debut single The line suggests that the singer’s dog will be around for a long time, and the singer clearly loves his dog as much as his girlfriend. Later, jazz musician Yusef Lateef was given a co-writing credit because of his contributions to the soundtrack.

Baha Men: Who Let the Dogs Out

To this day, no football game or frat party is complete without the infectious sounds of this Trinidadian soca anthem. However, it was originally conceived as a feminist-friendly satire of raucous men, and was initially played by the English DJ John Peel.

Etta James: Watch Dog

Etta James was a vocalist who had a knack for making men feel inadequate. At the end of this hard-hitting song, she lashes out at the person who’s been watching her and sending his little brother to spy. One may hear a distinct homage to the Big Mama Thornton hit in the background vocals: “You’re not nothing but a watch dog.”

Elvis Presley. “Old Shep” and “A Dog’s Life

Big Mama Thornton was the source of Elvis Presley’s most famous dog song, but he paid tribute to the Thorntons on a few other occasions as well. “Old Shep,” from his second album, is one of his saddest songs ever, telling the story of a youngster who has lost his best friend, a dog. We’d recommend “A Dog’s Life,” a lighthearted song from the soundtrack period, as an alternative.

Johnny Cash, “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog

Our admiration for Johnny Cash is not limited to the above reasons: When he wasn’t hanging out with Bob Dylan or recording important political songs in the ’60s, he recorded this lighthearted piece. Not a kid’s song (although the Folsom Prison crowd adored it), but a hoot nevertheless. It’s especially difficult to perform without falling into profanity, though.

 Lobo: Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

With its calm sound evoking CSN and America from the early 1970s, this song virtually screams “early 1970s,” as does its narrative, which revolves around highway travel, living off the land, and overall being good hippies. They were accompanied by their dog, of course.

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