Top 15+ Songs About Depression You Can Love Update 2022

When you’re struggling with depression, it can be comforting to know that you’re not alone. This list of songs About depression that may both bring you to your knees and inspire you to keep moving forward. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for sad music to listen to while you’re in a bad mood. Then, let’s have a look at the lyrics of some of our all-time favorites.

1. Hurt – Johnny Cash

Hear Johnny Cash’s Hurt and you’ll understand why this song has been called one of the greatest song covers of all time. To begin, “I wounded myself today, to see whether I still feel,” correctly reflects what depression is like, and it’s the only thing that is genuine. It also reveals the center of our thoughts: anguish. Those who have experienced bereavement and depression may also find the song’s lyrics familiar. It’s said in the lyrics that he eventually loses everyone. For people who have lost a loved one to illness or sudden death, this song can be a useful tool for dealing with depression. However, the lyrics could also refer to the end of a relationship. Emotional lyrics can be interpreted in many ways by the listener.

2. Unsteady – X Ambassadors

It’s common for depression-related songs to deal with major life transitions. Discordant relationships between parents and their children are depicted in the song Unsteady. We take home as a safe refuge, but that isn’t the case for everyone. In some cases, a lack of stability in our home environment can cause us to become depressed. “If you love me, don’t let go” is a plea for your parents to work things out in this song. There are occasions when divorce can bring peace and happiness back into the family.

3. Never Let Me Go – Florence and the Machine

Like Never Let Me Go, songs about depression can have a strong effect on listeners. An emotional rollercoaster of bad feelings is experienced throughout the song. “And it’s over, and I’m going under, but I’m not giving up, I’m just giving in” is a song about coming to terms with the end of a painful relationship. Emotionally, accepting the end of a relationship is still difficult, even if you’ve finally given yourself permission. If you’ve recently been through the breakup of a relationship, this song may cause you to shed a few painful tears.

4. “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty

Song year: 2002

“Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty accurately reflects the feelings of anxiousness and/or despair.

When the narrator states, “Feeling like I’m going for a breakdown,” he means that he is concerned about his mental health.

That being said, he continues to insist, “I’m not insane, I’m simply unwell”

The bridge’s reference to being taken away makes you ponder that remark a little bit.

Even though it’s not enjoyable to be down, this song is nonetheless peppy and positive.

5. “Away From The Sun” by 3 Doors Down

Song year: 2002

Another song from the early 2000s, “Away From The Sun,” captures depression perfectly.

These words put it up perfectly: “I miss the life/I miss the colors of the world/Can anyone know where I am.”

We all face hardships and obstacles in our lives.

Then there are those incidents that can leave us feeling sad for months or even years, and it’s easy to lose track of time when we’re dealing with them.

That’s what this song is all about, so if you’re in need of inspiration, give it a spin.

6. “King Of Pain” by The Police

Song year: 1983

When you’re depressed, everything seems gray and dreary, and time seems to slip away from you.

I’ve also heard that “hell” is defined as having to repeat the same day over and over.

“King Of Pain” by The Police is all of that and more.

“I have stood here before inside the pouring rain/With the world turning circles running ’round my brain/I think I’m constantly hoping that you’ll terminate this reign/But it’s my destiny to be the king of suffering.”

Depressed people often feel as if the entire world is against them.

Listen to this tune if you’re feeling down in the dumps.

7. “Adam’s Song” by blink-182

Song year: 1999

“Adam’s Song” is a departure from blink-182’s typical sophomoric and immature songs about college life, concerts, and females. The initial note sets a distinct tone.

It is obvious that “Adam’s Song” is a song about depression, and the words even hint at suicide. When I die, you won’t be able to say, “I’m sorry.”

When we’re depressed, it’s difficult to imagine how our loved ones would cope without us.

And while that may not be much of a comfort, I can tell you from my experience that people will be affected.

“Adam’s Song” can set off a reaction in you that inspires you to press on.

8. “Basket Case” by Green Day

Song year: 1994

‘Basket Case’ by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is said to be about his panic disorder.

One can tell this from the chorus: “Sometimes I get creeped out, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me, it keeps building up, I believe I’m laughing/

What if I’m just imagining things?”

Taking this punk rock song seriously is difficult, but if it was cathartic for Armstrong, why not for listeners?

After hearing this statistic, you can’t possible feel alone.

9. “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum

Dejection and secrets weigh heavily on the narrator in this 1993 Grammy Award-winning rock song, making him feel as though there are little options left for him. In a life where he feels like he’s not in control, he’s feeling overwhelmed.

What if you taught me how to smile again?

How do you make it all worthwhile?

How did I ever let myself become so cynical?

We’ve lost touch with the mystique of life.

10. “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

You should expect to feel a deep sense of loss and sadness after losing the person you cared about the most in your life. Her deceased spouse attempts to soothe her in this pop song from 2011.

Since his passing, she’s been depressed and can’t sleep, and some days, she doesn’t even want to get dressed. Her spouse comforts her in the same way he comforted her before he passed away.

11. “Lullaby” by Nickelback

In the United States, a suicide occurs every 13 minutes on average. He worries about his melancholy friend becoming another statistic when he can’t reach him in this international rock hit from 2012.

It’s important for him to let his friend know that he has been there, and understands what he’s going through. He sends out a “lullaby” of comfort, hope, and encouragement over radio because he has been there and made the decision to live.

The night is long, but we can get through it together. Please let me carry you out of the darkness into the light, for I believe in you.

Stop looking for the quickest route out.

You may want to create a playlist of similar songs with a good message about suicide and suicide prevention if you enjoyed this one.

12. “Fell on Black Days” by Soundgarden

The narrator of this 1994 rock song, which became a hallmark song for Soundgarden, has been through some difficult emotional moments. Chris Cornell, the band’s principal singer and songwriter, came up with the lyrics while battling depression for most of his life. When you feel that your life is nothing but a sham and you’re doomed to a gloomy future, this song is for you.

13. “Away From the Sun” by 3 Doors Down

It’s like seeing the world in black and white, with no color in it at all. The narrator’s need for help is expressed in a 2002 rock song. He’s trapped in a gloomy existence and longs for the predictability and security he had in his prior life, when everything made sense.

14. “Anything Worth Holding Onto” by Cynthia Erivo

If you’ve ever been depressed for an extended period of time, then this calming 2016 pop tune is for you. The narrator is exhausted and lives on her alone, far from her loved ones. For allowing significant dreams to fade from her life, she is heartbroken and lonely. She punishes herself emotionally since she knows she’s run away from critical realities.

So, she’s exhausted, unable to get out of bed, and unable to get out of bed in the morning because she’s “feeling like a prisoner in her own skin.” It sounds like she needs professional assistance before her depression worsens.

15. “A Little Too Much” by Shawn Mendes

On the surface, she appears strong and confident, but on the inside, she is hesitant and afraid. In this 2015 pop song, the male lead describes the female lead as “the one.” The narrator identifies her as a survivor, even though she is depressed and finds it difficult to keep going.

Listeners can take comfort in the fact that we’re all the same. The same tenacity resides within you. Hang in there. Reach out for assistance. The situation will improve.

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