Top 10 Songs About Colors In 2022

“Red” — Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s exceptional songwriting skills have given her a household name in the music business. Her work is influenced by her own love missteps and grief. Taylor’s goal in composing “Red” was to convey the intensity of the hue. Confused feelings of love, rage, and jealousy may all be expressed via this color.

“Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” — Mr. Big

Thanks to her amazing songwriting skills, Taylor Swift has established an enviable career in the music industry. A lot of her work is influenced by her past breakups and flings. According to Taylor, “Red” is a strong shade of a hue. One of the most prevalent colors linked with ambiguity and apprehension.

“Blackbird” — The Beatles

The Beatles’ Blackbird is another excellent example of a song with a colorful title. An all-time favorite due to its heartfelt message and harmonious melody, it’s a timeless classic. The birds chirping in the background of the song make it stand out from the rest of the songs on this list. If you pay attention, you’ll hear echoes of the 1960s civil rights movement in the song’s political overtones.

“Black Magic” — Little Mix

To inspire women to pursue the men they desire, Little Mix sings this song. There are several instances in the song when the word “potion” is used metaphorically to refer to anything that attracts men. Four nerdy-looking girls are turned into strong women who go for the school bully for retribution in the film’s official trailer.

“Red Red Wine” — UB 40

This song’s message should resonate with everyone who has ever been heartbroken following a split with a partner. In an attempt to alleviate their grief, the narrator discusses drinking a considerable amount of wine. Red Red Wine is a reggae-influenced song that is a little more upbeat than most of its peers. It’s a song that everyone can identify to and dance to, which is why it’s popular.

“Green Light” — Lorde

The Melodrama album’s first standalone release, Green Light may be found here. The song’s style may best be described as electropop. Lorde, who is twenty years old at the time of its release, wrote and performed this song. This is the word she uses to describe the feelings she had following her first serious heartbreak. She compares the length of time it took her to get back on her feet and continue her trip to waiting for the “green light” to come on.

“Black the Sky” — King’s X

Black the Sky, a 1994 grime rock band, warrants a spot on this list despite the fact that few people are aware of it. dUg Pinnick, the band’s lead vocalist and bassist, appears to have struggled to fit in with the rest of the band members in the songs. It discusses circumstances in which he was subjected to expectations from others.

“Fields of Gold” — Sting

If you’ve ever listened to easy listening radio, you’ve probably heard this song at some point. Sting claims he was inspired by English barley fields, yet the lyrics suggest a love triangle. First impressions of the fields were lovely for him. In his imagination, he could picture couples meeting there.

“Orange Crush” — R.E.M

In 1988, Orange Crush became an American number one song and a soaring hymn for Georgia college rock. Agent Orange, a defoliant widely employed in the Vietnam War, is subtly referenced in the song’s lyrics. Listeners under the age of eighteen may be led astray by the song’s lyrics, which make reference to a popular soft drink by the same name.

“Moody Blue” — Elvis Presley

It was the King’s final recording in the United States, and it charted well in the top forty of the Billboard Hot 100. Many admirers say that this song lacked the punch that is associated with his finest work. That the King managed to deliver so near to the end does show that he still had the necessary determination. ‘Moody Blue’ and ‘Suspicious Mind’ were authored by Mark James.

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