Top 10 Songs About Cheating In 2022

“Fooled Around and Fell in Love” by Elvin Bishop

Even though cheating is referred to as “fooling around” in the song, the perspective of a serial player informs the song’s lyrics. During the song, he sings, “I used to bring out my book and jot down her name/Ah, but when the grass became a bit greener over on the other side/I’d simply tear out that page,” he explains. In the end, though, he finds love and is able to find forgiveness as a horrible man.

“Liar” by Lianne La Havas

When it comes to a relationship, dishonesty is a common theme in this song’s lyrics. We couldn’t leave it out due to its stunning visuals and the way the narration alternates between the points of view of the several characters.

“Creep” by TLC

The storyline of this song, which tells the narrative of women cheating on their boyfriends in order to retaliate after being cheated on, is contentious. According to rumors, it was inspired by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkin’s adultery, although songwriter Dallas Austin’s infidelity towards Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas might also have had a role. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed to the song, claiming she would advise women to break up with their partners rather than cheat on them.

“Lyin’ Eyes” by Eagles

The Eagles’ song “Heading for the Cheating Side of Town” portrays the narrative of a woman who is “on her way.” Unlike other portrayals of cheaters, this one shows the cheater as a person who is in a relationship of convenience. She flees to a “guy with fire eyes and dreams no one can steal” to achieve freedom.

“You Make Loving Fun” by Fleetwood Mac

The stormy love lives of the members of Fleetwood Mac are as well-known as the music they inspired. One of the band’s members, Christine McVie, wrote “You Make Loving Fun” about her romance with the band’s lighting director. She informed her husband and fellow band member John McVie that it had been written about their dog in order to keep him in the dark about it.

“It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy

The song “It Wasn’t Me” is a comedy classic as well as a song about adultery. After hearing phrases like, “How you can offer your woman entrance to your villa,” and witnessing the preposterous accumulation of evidence that Shaggy must refute, we can’t help but sympathize with his ridiculous scheme to evade the wrath of his ex-girlfriend. To dodge her squad of masked assassins, he jumps from an overpass into a semi-truck!

“Lipstick On Your Collar” by Connie Francis

Your ears will be ringing for days if you listen to this catchy ditty from 1959. After he “left [her] all alone at the record hop,” Connie Francis sings about finding out her boyfriend had been lying and discovering lipstick on his collar. It’s her best friend’s lipstick, so he’s even tried to trick her into believing it was her own.

“Bad” by Lennon Stella

Having been injured by someone, yet still lamenting the end of a relationship, Lennon Stella sings about this quandary in her 2018 smash hit. I wish you had treated me badly/The reality is you couldn’t have loved me better/Now I’m left feeling twice as sad,” she sings in her song’s chorus.

“Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s chart-topper may be one of the most fulfilling songs about being cheated on and exacting revenge ever.

Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

It’s a pity that the bride of the groom is such a scumbag. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” is a pop-punk classic about a man’s wedding to an unfaithful lady that is a standard of the genre. For some reason, it’s also a costume party. You shouldn’t question it, because the emo craze in the early millennia was strange for everyone.

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