Top 10 Songs About Brothers In 2020

My brother’s a basehead (De La Soul)

To a certain extent, this song deviates from the list because of its portrayal of the agony, rage, and frustration experienced by a big brother who watched as his younger brother fell into drug addiction, progressing from marijuana to crack cocaine. However, when he explains how he intends to assist his brother overcome this addiction, the atmosphere warms up.

Brother (Kodaline)

From childhood through maturity, brothers’ unwavering affection and unshakable friendship are depicted in this 2017 alternative-indie song. Carefree days and adult realizations are discussed, along with how they will always regard one other as their “safety blankets.”

Brother louie (Modern Talking)

Is it possible that this 1998 song truly talks about a sibling rivalry for the love of a lady, yet this song recounts the narrative of a person convincing his brother that the woman he loves is actually in love with him and not with him.

Blood brothers (Luke Bryan)

As a tribute to brotherhood from his Crash My Party album in 2013, “Singing Brother” celebrates the bonds between brothers, regardless of whether they are related by blood or friendship.

The bewlay brothers (David Bowie)

Symbolic connotations, dark art, and pop rock themes are all present in this song, as they are in all of David Bowie’s work. a story of two brothers who were misunderstood and thought to be bad, who killed one another and then went on to pursue the town and its children for all of their days, is told. Hunky Dory’s final single was released in 1971.

‘Highway Patrolman’ By Bruce Springsteen

This classic song, despite its age, delivers a heartbreaking tale. This song depicts the narrative of a police officer who is dedicated to his job, his nation, and his family, even if his “bad” brother makes a mistake and he is unable to fix it, so he shoots him without hesitation.

‘Hey Brother’ By Avicii

True’s 2013 single “Electric Pop” is a standout track off the band’s self-titled first album. The song is about a brother who, although being thousands of miles away from home, can still hear his siblings talking to him because he longs for them. There was nothing anyone could do for them.

‘Brothers in Arms’ By Dire Straits

Mark Knopfler, the main vocalist of Dire Straits, was inspired to write this song during the Falklands War in 1985. Argentina and the United Kingdom are engaged in a territorial dispute over a group of islands off the coast of Argentina. In 1982, Argentina sought to recapture one of the islands, which are British territory. The British regained land, although they lost 258 soldiers in the process.

When Mark Knopfler performs this song, it depicts the death of an army soldier, who is comforted by his fellow soldiers as he succumbs. It portrays the irrationality of war and the anguish that people who oppose it endure as a result of it. Knopfler’s father used the phrase “Brothers in Arms” to designate Russia and Argentina since they have a similar worldview. Finally, the album’s title was based on this statement.

‘Song For My Brother’ By Carlos Santana

‘The Swing of Delight,’ the album on which it appeared, was published in 1980. It’s a song for a sibling who’s always there for him, a song for someone who writes down the feelings he has on paper. A void in his heart was then filled to the point that no one else could fill it.

‘Perfect Love’ By Marc Cohn

One of your brothers is the target audience for this rock-acoustic tune from 1991. While making your aspirations come true, you realize that you’ve been granted the ideal love along the road.

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