Top 10 Songs About Anxiety In 2022

“Crucify” by Tori Amos

Amos’ lyrical, personal lyrics can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but if you suffer from social anxiety, “Crucify” may resonate with you.

If you’ve ever entered a place feeling self-conscious, only to feel as if a spotlight has suddenly flicked on to highlight you further, the opening lines, “Every finger in the room is pointing at me,” could connect with you.

“I got a bowling ball in my stomach / I have a desert in my mouth / Figures that my courage would chose to sell out now,” she says.

This song’s resounding chorus, “Why do we crucify ourselves,” conjures up images of worried thoughts spinning in our heads. You’re well aware that analyzing them is counterproductive, yet you just can’t seem to stop yourself.

“The Young Thousands” by the Mountain Goats

When you have anxiety, you typically have to deal with worries about the future. In the words of John Darnielle, “the things you’ve got coming” may be a powerful distraction.

A “dull agony” or “sordid small scenes in live color” may accompany the anxiety and tension that you experience, or your brain may feel like a closet full of anxiety-inducing memories or “sordid little videotapes.”

“Concertina” by Tori Amos

“So Uncomfortable You’re Crawling Out of Your Skin, Even Though Nobody’s Touched You,” is based on Amos’ actual experience with social anxiety, which she described in interviews.

Using the words “a fever above my waist,” “a chill that bends,” and “you’re the fiercest calm I’ve ever been in,” it appears that the song is addressing worry directly.

It’s surprising how calm and collected you appear to others while you’re filled with anxiety and concern to the point that you’re convinced everyone can see it.

“Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.

According to Michael Stipe, this song isn’t about religion at all, but rather the agony and anguish of being unrequited in love.

In addition, lines like “I’ve spoken too much / I haven’t said enough” and “Every whisper, of every waking hour / I’m picking my confessions” clearly convey the anxiousness felt by the songwriters in the lyrics.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you know how frustrating it may be to be unable to express your thoughts or feelings because you keep talking in vain. But then you may worry that you tried too hard or talked too much, and this may lead to a lot of anxiety.

“Red Light Fever” by Liz Phair

It’s possible that you’ll identify with this song if you’ve ever been plagued by worry, obsessing over your worries or aspirations, or even your identity as a person.

Perhaps you already have an idea of how you want your life to look. Even still, your fears impede you from moving forward, preventing you from committing to your goals and taking the initial actions necessary to achieving them.

“This is me trying” by Taylor Swift

According to Swift’s Disney+ documentary on folklore, this song is about the courage that may be found in the simplest of actions. In all honesty, though, folklore and evermore’s soothing tones may also serve as excellent choices for music to listen to when you’re feeling stressed. Bonus points if the lyrics are relevant to the circumstance.

“Stressed Out” by A Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith Evans

Another throwback for the ’90s generation, but this is not the Twenty One Pilots song you’re thinking of.. It’s all about how minor worries may quickly escalate into major ones. Every one of us, in one way or another, is coping with the adage that “life’s difficulties can pull you off the correct road.”

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World

Radio stations resonated in the early 2000s with this powerful hymn about overcoming social anxiety and keeping true to yourself.

Managing an overpowering fear of rejection is not always as simple as reminding yourself that the sense of people looking down on you is all in your brain.

Even if you need a little more help shaking off concerns about what others might think about you, this is still sound advice to start with. It helps that the music is catchy, too, if you need a fast pick-me-up.

“Disturbia” by Rihanna

This song, according to Rihanna, addresses what it feels like to battle with worry and mental anguish, as she has revealed in interviews.

The thoughts that “crawl up within you” and “consume you,” or anxieties that your brain tells you it “doesn’t want to think about,” may be recognizable to everyone who suffers from anxiety.

While singing, you can even wish for anything to free you from the “curse” of dread and anxiety.

“Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden

Nyctophobia, or excessive dread of the dark, isn’t all that uncommon. Phobias lie under the umbrella of anxiety diseases.

Whether you’ve ever wondered if you’re being stalked by an unseen force as you make your way along a shadowy street or hiding in the corner of your bedroom at night, this song is for you.

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