Full Body Workout at Home for Beginners 1

Full Body Workout at Home for Beginners

Home exercises are hopefully what you have been thinking about for a long time while seated at your coffee table. You can ideally clear your coffee table and create some space for your workout. The best way to achieve this is by waking up 15 minutes earlier and squeeze in some exercise at home before heading to work. It is easy to stock your home gym with essential for muscle building.

Therefore the article will review the full body workout at home for beginners with explanations of what makes them necessary. Read and use the exercises to get the best workout that suits your training objectives while at the comfort of your house

Full Body Workout at Home for Beginners
Full Body Workout at Home for Beginners
  1. Press-up

To do press ups, you need to get down in a press-ups position while your hands are shoulder width apart and back flat with a straight line from your head to the heals through gluteus. Lower your body until your chest is almost the ground and drive up explosively while extending your rams.

The moves involve several muscle groups that are essential for maximum strength and growth of shoulder joints. As an exercise at home, it prepares you for the progress to more demanding shoulder exercises that you will face in the gym.

  1. Dumbbell standing shoulder press

To do this exercise, stand while holding two dumbbells in your shoulders with an overhand grip and your palms facing down. It is essential for you to ensure your elbows remain in front of the bar and do not flare out of the sides. Press the weight above your head to ensure your arms are extended and return to the initial position.

Why do you need the exercise?

The exercise provides a safer shoulder than lifting behind your neck. As a starter, the objective is to prevent you from straining your muscles and protecting you from shoulder impingement syndrome injuries

3. Squatting with Dumbbells

While holding a dumbbell in each hand, position your legs shoulder apart. While your head remains upright and back still. Move down in a squatting position until the dumbbells are almost on the floor. Your knees should be maintained over your toes and chest out. You should not lean or touch your back forward as you drop down, exhale as you straighten your legs and return into the initial position

Why do you need the exercise?

Squatting is an all-around exercise with the best moves for general strength. It also lets you concentrate on the techniques of movements at low weight. Once you have nailed it, you can successfully do barbells in the gym.

4. Farmer’s Walk

Hold dumbbells in your hands sideways. Stand up with your shoulders back and walk forwards quickly using short steps. The exercise is simple, and you do need to worry about the technique since the moves hit your shoulder and stabilize the upper traps and front deltoids. Besides, it supercharges your strength and transfers it to other lifts

5. Lateral Raise

Stand to uphold light dumbbells in your hands. Lift the dumbbells slowly out to the sides until they are at your shoulder height. Pause and lower your back slowly; in this way, you will build a muscle fighting gravity than allowing it to work for you. While doing this exercise at home, this is the best move for shoulder development. The lateral isolates your shoulder muscles and helps you develop your shoulder width and mass perfect for creating a v shape that you may need

6. Dumbbell Calf Raise

Stand holding dumbbells in your hands and balls in your feet and a step on your heels touching the ground. Raise your heels from the floor and hold at the top of the contraction. Lower yourself slowly to the initial position and repeat the same

Most beginners like skipping calves during leg day. Another go-ahead to incur surgeries to fix it. Work this move to your workout to ensure that you are hitting many muscles as you will do in the gym when exercising at home

7. Dumbbell Step-up

Stand in front of the bench with dumbbells in your hands, place your right foot on the n=bench, push up through your heel to ensure you lift the entire body. Step down with your left foot and repeat the same on the opposite side.

The exercise is necessary since it activates your upper leg muscles making it entire leg exercise, it is also a low impact exercise, and this means that you avoid knee injuries that may be associated with several other exercises.


The main goal of full body workout at home for beginners is to get your form down on the primary and essential gym exercises. It is necessary, therefore, to understand the muscle and strength exercises to be at the same level as professionals while you hit the gym.


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