Top 25 Underrated Romance Anime Review In 2021

Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern preview

“Clannad: After Story” sets the stage for “Kaguya-sama: Love is War,” a romantic masterpiece that is common in anime. However, it is left wondering: Because of the constant influx of new anime, are there any series that have remained relatively unknown due to the competition? Even throughout the years, I’ve noticed numerous titles that failed … Read more

Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl Review

An anime short by Studio Colorido Co. is called Sonny Boy & Dewdrop Girl. Hinata is the main character who is in love with his classmate, Shigure. Even though he wants to talk to her, in his mind they’re already together. The source of the most spectacular animated scenes is his creativity. Shigure witnesses Hinata … Read more

Top 10 Best Vampire Romance Anime You Will Surprise

While the well-roundedness of romance can be an integral component of life, in the realm of anime, it can be a little repetitive. Sometimes, you need something more substantial than emotional matters to be at stake. Romance anime with vampires provides a good opportunity to obtain that extra something. With vampires around, it’s possible that … Read more