Top 4 Best Stone Crab Traps You Have To Buy

It’s great when you spend experience with a stone crab trap that you look to buy. This article will introduce the best selling stone crab trap products in the market and explain why you should choose them.

Stone crab is a kind of crab that lives completely naturally and eats small creatures in the sea. With its delicious meat and distinctive flavor, this crab contributes to the list of the top 4 most popular seafood in the world today.

Besides, this type of crab also provides users with quite good protein and mineral content. Therefore, catching crabs and rocks is both a pleasure and a job with quite high economic value.

Currently, the most common tool used to catch stone crab is the trap cage. It’s quite cheap and simple to use. And with this type of tool, whether you are a free catcher or a professional fisherman can use it.

Now, let’s come with the best stone crab trap types that are sold on the market.

Top 4 best stone crab trap for you

1.    Joy Fish Crab Trap

Joy Fish Crab Trap is designed to catch a variety of crabs, many users have responded that even for Stone Crab it works very well.

oy Fish Crab Trap is designed to catch a variety of crabs
oy Fish Crab Trap is designed to catch a variety of crabs

This type of stone crab trap is only half the size of traditional traps for easy storage and handling. To help you to imagine exactly about it, 24 x24 x11 “is its measurement. This trap is made of a 16-gauge black vinyl coated galvanized wire that makes it truly solid for long-term use.

In addition, it is designed with a jute hook that allows the fish to be released outside if the trap is lost at sea. It is a trap of high humanitarian value and has three escape holes, allowed by law!

2.    Wooden Stone Crab Trap

This is an old-fashioned traditional type of stone crab trap, but it’s still a quick and easy way to catch crab stone.

It is made of mainly wood and you will be amazed at how long it lasts for many years of use whether you use them for commercial or recreational purposes.

This is an old-fashioned traditional type of stone crab trap
This is an old-fashioned traditional type of stone crab trap

It has the natural color of wood with a size of 16 x16 x12 “, so it will be quite well to “lure” prey, and especially it is a cage that meets legal requirements.

However, there is a small note that you need to add extra weight on the bottom of it to be able to sink better.

Usually, those who do use them will use cement with wire mesh or solid concrete.

3.    Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

Works like a charm. This stone crab trap is easy to assemble/fold. The top and bottom are 24×24 in size, but when folded it will turn into a flat pancake with an area of ​​30×24. It is not too convenient but it will be able to ensure you easily move and store it in his warehouse.

This product is designed with vinyl-coated steel wire, so it is quite durable and can withstand many uses in the saltwater sea.

Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap
Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

When you see it, the first thing you might think is it’s pretty simple, but it makes sure it’s easy to place the bait in the bait cage or bag.

The steel plots are also moderately designed for catching stone crab but it may not be suitable for catching a blue crab.

It meets all the legal requirements for crab traps with the down-line system to neutralize the trap if retrieval is not possible. You can believe in it because it has been proven effective in catching Dungeness Crab and Stone Crab. And it will make you love it in the near future.

4.    Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap

This is a premium quality crab trap stone made by California – Promar, a world leader in fishing accessories and its outdoor products.

It has a wonderful design – fold flat and rubber bungee strings are placed so it keeps the pot flat for storage with just a little bit of engineering. It is created with 4 entrances and 2 exit ways and fully in accordance with the legal standard.

Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap
Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap

Along with the hinged door part, it makes it easy to open the cage for taking crabs out or put bait inside.

With vinyl coated steel material, your stone crab trap will be able to resist the corrosion of seawater and be painted blue.

Get this crab stone trap type, you will really get rich with the crabs you catch!

How to catch stone crab by the trap?

The area should be caught

In fact, many people often do not know where to catch stone crab. The stone crab lives in many different depths including knee-deep sea grassland, coral reefs at 200 feet, the shore of inlets around the pier, rocks, bridges, and breakwaters. They can also be found in shallow locations where the rock is similar to where you hunt bugs.

And the best way is you can ask around or try to catch it 1-2 times.

The deep

This depends on timing. When you are hunting stone crab at the beginning of the season, it is best to stone crab trap at a depth of 5 to 7 feet of water.

But for those who are already knowledgeable about crab traps,  will know that a few test traps should be placed at different depths to be sure.

The bait

For recreational fishing, people usually use a larger fish head bait or chicken drumstick. This will take up to a week, so be sure to use a bait that doesn’t degrade too quickly.

For specialized bait, you need to have a certain experience with catching stone crab to know what bait you should use and where.

Handle crab stone after catching

After the crabs have “lost the net”, you just need to put them in the cold box or basket lined with ice bags and cover them with a moist burlap layer.

If you live near where you caught the crabs, you also can just keep them in a live box underwater. But remember to make sure the crab size you can catch to not violate the law.

You can make a crab trap easily and quickly with some tools.


Catching stone crab by trap is an interesting recreational activity. It will help you to reduce the stress of life. In addition, catching the stone crab will make you have a great meal and make a little profit from it.

The crab stone trap products we introduced are the ones that are selling well in the market.

Do you want to try your luck with stone crabs? If yes, choose your best product now!

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