About Us

Tmate.org is a ranking company. We rank many categories: songs, movies, actors, actress, models,…

Our articles will help users find information easier and faster. We collect the best of each topic and show you.

Who founded Tmate.org

Tmate.org was founded by Johnny Thong Nguyen on December 20, 2010. Now he is also the CEO of this company and the author in website.

Johnny has a strong passion for collecting information and ranking it.

After a period of learning and researching about entertainment, Johnny created Tmate.org Company and shared his knowledge for building it.

Tmate.org’s vision and mission

Tmate.org is a ranking company. So we specialize in collecting information about entertainment and writing articles. People will see the best things in our post and make a desicion.

Our vision

From now to 2025, we are becoming the best ranking website in entertainment.

Get more than 1,000,000 users per month.

Our Mission

Our mission are provide more and more quality articles for users. Helping reader find the best choice.

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